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EA SafeDelete: Enhancement Update

EA SafeDelete Users of Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect (EA) may be familiar with the EA SafeDelete MDG extension published by Dunstan Thomas. This MDG extension enhances the user experience of Sparx Systems’ award winning tool by providing a safeguard against the accidental deletion of repository elements and providing an impact analysis on the deletion of an element.

Dunstan Thomas are proud to announce that we have made a number of enhancements to this product with the latest version.

EA SafeDelete: Enhancements

  • Fixed all SQL queries to be truly DMBS independent. Therefore Firebird repositories are now supported.
  • Handles multiple selection of items within the Project Browser, even if those items are of different types, one of the following actions can be applied to all items in the selection:
    1. Move all selected items to the Bin (no consequences dialog(s) are displayed.
    2. Delete all selected items from the Repository (as per standard EA action).
    3. Display a consequences dialog for each item in the selection.
  • Added missing Find in Project Browser functionality in Consequences dialogs.
  • Added a Direction column to the Connectors Usage dialog.
  • Added a new function to enable or disable EA Safe Delete.
    • Note selecting disable will revert back to standard EA delete functionality until EA Safe Delete is enabled. EA Safe Delete is always enabled when EA is loaded.
  • Added functionality to restore a selection of items from the re-cycle bin.
  • Added function to permanently delete a selection of items from the re-cycle bin.
  • Corrected an issue for the diagram consequences. This issue concerned where  the diagram about to be deleted was referenced by one or more Interaction Occurrences, upon selecting a the diagram in the Interaction Occurrences dialog, an exception was thrown. This has been corrected and the selected diagram now opens in EA.
  • Added support when a diagram is about to be deleted and that diagram is referenced by one or more Navigation Cells, details of these Navigation Cells are displayed in a dialog in a manner similar to that used for Interaction Occurrences.

You can find out more about this MDG Extension for Enterprise Architect by visiting the webpage:

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