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Contact Mangement

Contact Management without the 'contact centre'

An opportunity waiting to be embraced

A pressing issue for most firms (and their clients) recently has been maintaining high quality, efficient client communication in a period of high market volatility, while helping staff to either comply with lockdown restrictions and/or ensure social distancing safety guidelines are being observed consistently.

The inevitable issues of contact centre closure or significantly reduced servicing, and a shift of much more client communication to email has created problems for both parties. In some cases, communication delays impacted clients financially. This shift has exposed the fragility of some contact management models. 

Contact management issues have impacted large and small firms alike, although some of the challenges vary. The overriding question for all firm though remains: ‘Why are my clients contacting me and how can I make this a better experience (for them and us)’? 

Understanding the reasons for contact is critical intelligence. If you really understand your clients’ expectations and motivations to make contact with you today; you are much more likely to be able to build digital-only solutions which will close known information gaps and even enhance client experience.

The last 12 months has brought into sharp focus some of the key constraining factors that continue to impact the effectiveness and efficiency of contact management centres. While tactical work has been completed (such as shift / working pattern changes, accelerated migration to IP Telephony solutions and refocusing resource to front line query management etc.); we see much more that could be done to understand, respond to and embrace the shift in client behaviours and the rapid maturity of previously under-utilised technologies.

In the early weeks of the first lockdown last April, we undertook a survey of investment advisory firms to look at their current and intended propositional models. Half of all respondents declared that ‘Better digital engagement with our clients, including strengthening omni-channel communications capability’ was likely to be accelerated as a result of the pandemic.

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