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Dunstan Thomas

Dunstan Thomas specialises in the delivery of innovative technology solutions.

Dunstan Thomas
Dunstan Thomas Group Limited is a subsidiary of the Curtis Banks Group. Curtis Banks acquired Dunstan Thomas Group Limited and its subsidiaries in August 2020. The subsidiary companies are the trading entities for Dunstan Thomas. The subsidiary companies are:

  • Dunstan Thomas Holdings Limited and Platform Action provide solutions for the financial services market.
  • Dunstan Thomas Consulting Limited provides technology consulting, training, software development and support services across a wide set of business sectors. Dunstan Thomas is the developer of Integro CX portals and dashboards designed for the complexities of business today.

For information on how we manage our business partner’s personal data, please refer to GDPR Customer Statement and GDPR Suppliers Statement.

Dunstan Thomas was founded in 1986 to provide software development and consulting resources. Early clients included IBM, Lotus and Racal. In the late 1980’s the company delivered database consulting and training services and became a principal partner of Borland delivering professional services across a broad spectrum of technologies. Today, Dunstan Thomas provides solutions across a number of different technologies. Clients of these services include Allianz, London Fire Brigade, Home Office & National Grid.

In August 2020, the Curtis Banks Group acquired Dunstan Thomas. The acquisition provides additional financial strength to increase growth and delivery of the product roadmaps.

Welcome to Dunstan Thomas

When reputations are at stake, Dunstan Thomas will guide you through all the possible complexities of delivering your own software solution. Dunstan Thomas provide full assurance throughout & we get you to market fast, on budget and with absolute certainty.


We are specialists in delivering professional consulting, with a successful track record of implementations delivered with a team of highly experienced experts. 


Our experienced team of software professionals are ready to help you deliver project teams for your software solutions.


Our extensive range of training courses can be tailored to meet your unique requirements with flexible delivery options.


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