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Consulting Services

Design with expertise, Build with confidence, Deliver with certainty, Optimise for success

When reputations are at stake, Dunstan Thomas will guide you through all the possible complexities of delivering your own software solution. Dunstan Thomas provide full assurance throughout & we get you to market fast, on budget and with absolute delivery.

Consulting: Customer Journey

Your Digital Journey

Dunstan Thomas are specialists in delivering professional consulting, with a successful track record of implementations delivered with a team of highly experienced experts. Services to accelerate, direct and drive business value are provided through:



Visualise, design and deploy solutions. Define target operating models, solution architectures and execute.



We have access to an experienced pool of practitioners that can ramp up to deliver project teams to meet your  requirements.



Use our expertise to manage complex change and release activity to complement your existing business units.



Optimising CX, contact centre observation and insights, online journey reviews and services to optimise and improve platforms.

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