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Enterprise Architecture Modelling using Enterprise Architect & ArchiMate

ArchiMate training from Dunstan ThomasSparx Systems Authorised Training Partner

This course is a practical based course on the processes of Enterprise Architecture Modelling using ArchiMate and Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect and includes practical advice, examples and exercises on effective usage in enterprise architecture modelling projects.

The course is suitable for enterprise architects, business analysts and solution architects.

Note: The current version of ArchiMate is 3.1 and this course will be delivered using that version of the notation.

Course Details

Duration: 2 Days

Prerequisites: Some experience in modelling and modelling notations (for example UML) would be an advantage.

Course Outline

Introduction to Enterprise ArchitectM

  • Describe the main features of Enterprise Architect and its editions
  • Describe The concept of repositories in Enterprise Architect;
    • Working with repositories
    • Structure of repositories
  • Provide an overview of version control with Enterprise Architect

Overview of Enterprise Architecture Modelling using ArchiMate

  • Overview of Enterprise Architecture and ArchiMate
  • The concepts of ArchiMate
  • The ArchiMate viewpoints

Modelling the Motivation Extension

  • The Motivation Extension
  • The Stakeholder Viewpoint
  • The Goal Realisation Viewpoint
  • The Motivation Viewpoint

Modelling the Strategy Layer

  • Modelling the ArchiMate 3.0 Strategy Extension:
    • How each element will be illustrated and defined
    • A Metamodel for all the Strategy Extension Layer Viewpoints
    • Each viewpoint will be defined in terms of:
      • Summary
      • Stakeholders
      • Concerns
      • Purpose
      • Scope
      • Elements
      • Example

Modelling the Business Layer

  • Active Structural Concepts
  • Behavioural Concepts
  • Passive Structure Concepts
  • The Business Layer Meta-model
  • The Organization Viewpoint
  • The Product Viewpoint
  • The Business Process Co-operation Viewpoint

Modelling the Application Layer Viewpoints using ArchiMate

  • The Application Structure Viewpoint
  • The Application Behaviour Viewpoint
  • The Application Co-operation Viewpoint

Modelling the Technology Layer Viewpoints using ArchiMate

  • The Infrastructure Viewpoint

Modelling the Implementation & Migration Extension Viewpoints using ArchiMate

  • The Project Viewpoint
  • The Migration Viewpoint

Modelling the Multi-Layer Viewpoints using ArchiMate

  • The Introductory Viewpoint
  • The Requirements Realization Viewpoint
  • The Application Usage Viewpoint
  • The Information Structure Viewpoint
  • The Service Realization Viewpoint
  • The Implementation & Deployment Viewpoint
  • The Infrastructure Usage Viewpoint
  • The Implementation & Migration Viewpoint
  • The Layered Viewpoint
  • The Landscape Map Viewpoint

How do I book this course?

If you would to book an onsite delivery of the Enterprise Architecture with EA and ArchiMate training course, you need only contact our training team to request a quote: