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MDG Workshop

Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect provides modelling extensions to supplement UML through a technology known as Model Driven Generator or MDG.

Tools are provided in Enterprise Architect for experienced users to develop their own Model Driven Generators either from scratch or based upon an existing MDG such as ArchiMate, or BPMN.

Course Details

Duration: 1 Day

Prerequisites: Attendees must have a good working knowledge of Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect version 11 or higher.

Course Outline

The following topics will be covered during this workshop:

Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect MDG Workshop

  • What is an MDG, what it can contain and the benefits it can provide to an organization.
  • Using the Model Wizard to create a model repository for your Model Driven Generator.
  • The steps in planning an MDG.
  • Tagged values, their typed, use and creation.
  • Using the MDG Helpers to create;
    • A Profile.
    • A customized Toolbox.
    • A customized Diagram.
  • Generating the Model Driven Generator.
  • Testing the MDG.
  • Deploying your Model Driven Generator.
  • Making changes to the Model Driven Generator and applying those changes to an existing model repository.
  • Shapescripts, their use, structure and applicability to a Model Driven Generator.
  • The concept of Quicklink and its application to a customized Diagram.

How do I book this course?

If you would to book an onsite delivery of the MDG Workshop, you need only contact our training team to request a quote: