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Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect; the Practicalities

Online Self-study - Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect training from Dunstan ThomasSparx Systems Authorised Training Partner

Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect; the Practicalities is a training course focused on the issues common to all team members and provides a solid practical foundation in the use of this modelling tool.

This is an entry level course designed to provide a knowledge base on the practical use of Enterprise Architect.

Course Details

Duration: Four hours minimum is recommended to complete this content, but as pace is set by the participant it will differ from person to person.

Prerequisites: There are no knowledge prerequisites for this training course. Participants will need access to an instance of Enterprise Architect. Each participant will require access to the tool to work through the practical exercises within this content.

Course Outline​

Introduction to Enterprise Architect

  • Describe the main features of Enterprise Architect and its editions
  • Describe The concept of repositories in Enterprise Architect;
    • Working with repositories
    • Structure of repositories
  • Provide an overview of version control with Enterprise Architect

Configuring Enterprise Architect

  • The workspace arrangement of the window views
  • The Perspectives that are loaded and hence active;
    • Configuring a personal perspective
  • Global options for;
    • Diagrams
    • Objects
    • Links

Note: Although configuration is somewhat a matter of personal taste, the above are recommendations and best practices, to which all team members should conform.

Working with Enterprise Architect

  • Creating / Opening Projects
  • Basic Modelling Activities:
    • Creating a repository structure (adding model roots, views and packages)
    • Managing settings for the repository
    • Adding elements directly to the repository
    • Setting the Properties of elements
    • Using the Notes Property including spell check and glossary
    • Using Linked Documents
    • Adding diagrams directly to the repository
    • Using the diagram toolbox
    • Using the diagram quick link to create relationships between elements
    • Using alignment and sizing tools
    • Re-using elements on multiple diagrams
    • Copying elements that are present on a diagram
    • Changing the style of a connector
    • Setting the properties of connectors
    • Setting the properties of a diagram that affect its appearance
    • Setting the properties of a diagram that affect the appearance of elements and connectors on that diagram
    • Creating Composite Elements
    • Using Rectangle Notation for elements that support it
    • Deleting elements from a diagram
    • Deleting elements from the model repository
    • Using the relationship matrix

How do I book this course?

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